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Members Only Sacred Circle

Join the 30 Day Sacred Circle and Accelerate Health, Wealth, Love and Quantum 5D Activation

Ready to Transform Your Life?

This is more than just an event; it's a turning point. Equip yourself with the tools, insights, and support you need to break free from the chains of the ordinary and step into a life overflowing with vibrancy, conscious love, and divine support before 2024.


Your soul will thank you.

Lifetime Premium Access Pass

Gain immediate and lifetime access to all the interviews. Unlike the free version, which only allows 72 hours to watch each interview, the premium pass lets you take control. You’ll receive a schedule of the entire event, so you can pick and choose what you want to view and even binge the whole series. Plus, receive an immediate all-access pass to the gifts from all the speakers from week 1.


Soul Freedom Mastermind Experience

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with one month of my private Soul Freedom Mastering Experience, delivered as an intensive with laser-focused coaching.

A Future Projection Session Just For You


Forget past life regression, jump into your highest potentials with this private 30-minute Future Projection Session. In this exclusive one-on-one, we'll craft and connect with your quantum, multidimensional future self, setting the stage for your transformation. ** Limited Places **

Find Your Tribe in Our Facebook Community


Discover a space where you belong and find support in your journey. Our private Facebook community is a nurturing space filled with like-minded individuals, all on their own paths to soul freedom. Share your journey, celebrate your wins, and find support during your challenges.

                            Unlock Your Inner Dimensions for Just £79!

Grab your all-access keys to reveal the hidden layers of your unique essence.

Included Features:

1 Month of Exclusive Sacred Soul Experience Mastermind (Valued at £3500): Collapse the barriers of time, space and reality.


Dive into a members-only sacred circle filled with higher wisdom, expansion, and loving support, led by Aiswarya.

 Personalised Ceremonial Upgrades Designed for Your Expansion:

  • Week 1 - Revitalise Your Health and Wellbeing: Reset and rejuvenate your physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. Unshackle yourself from stagnant patterns and the old energetic burdens that weigh down the innate wisdom and radiance of your body.

  • Week 2 - Ignite Profound Love: Spark next level transformations in your old and new relationships. Cultivate soul rich connection, depth, love, and intimacy. Delve into relationship healing and deepen your heart communication, leading to a profound transformation in your union.

  • Week 3 - Ascend to 5D Consciousness: Embark on a spiritual journey, unveiling the universe's hidden secrets. Foster a deep connection to the divine through mystical practices that elevate your consciousness and open the door to higher dimensions of existence.

  • Week 4 - Unleash your Wealth Warrior: Heal your relationship with wealth and harness your inherent gifts to create prosperity in all areas of your life. Embrace your inner wealth warrior to challenge old beliefs, confront past traumas, and actively shape your financial future. Unlock infinite abundance, using your unique talents and skills to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.


Soul Freedom Mastermind, Exclusive Hot Seat Coaching + Q&A (Valued at £3500): Dive deep into your personal journey with dynamic coaching sessions, receiving personalised insights and solutions to your most urgent questions.

VIP Facebook Community: Become part of a private and exclusive community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, cultivating support, and encouraging growth in an empowered environment.

Revolutionary Future Projection Session(Valued at £500): Forget past life regression—this is your golden ticket to a future beyond your wildest dreams! This private 30-minute session will catapult you into a realm of infinite possibilities, where you'll craft and connect with your quantum, multidimensional future self. Be the architect of your own destiny. Create a future that resonates with your highest aspirations and deepest desires.

** Limited Places **

Lifetime Access to the 23-Day Process (Valued at £400): Return to the transformative content at your leisure, as many times as you wish, fuelling your continuous growth. Discover the hidden gems of our 23-day process and draw inspiration whenever you need a boost.

Special Limited-Time Bonus (Valued at £3500): Act within the next 7 days and bestow upon a friend the gift of transformation, at no additional cost—because the journey is even more impactful when shared!

Don't let this unparalleled opportunity pass you by because I’m knocking 99% off.

Embrace your powerful soulful evolution and transcend to new heights with the Soul Mastery Experience, available now for just £79.

The moment has arrived to unveil the secrets within YOU and ascend to the pinnacle of your potential.

Are you prepared to take the leap? Secure your spot now

After receiving your order, we'll send you an email with all the essentials to begin your experience in the VIP Sacred Circle, starting from September 20th, 2023.

Should you require assistance with the payment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to support and make things easier for you.

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