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Awaken your Soul Voice by Healing the 4 Ancient Feminine Wounds


In the shadowed corridors of history, a silent war has raged against humanity and the sacred feminine, embedding wounds as old as time itself. These are not mere scars but shackles, crafted with dark intent to silence the roar of our souls and chain our essence to the ground. Yet, within this darkness, a beacon of hope flickers—a call to the warriors of light, the sacred souls destined to awaken and overturn the oppressive chains of the matrix.


Now is the moment, sacred soul, to rise with fierce grace, to reclaim the voice that the ages have tried to stifle. The cry for freedom resounds within your heart, a clarion call to unleash the boundless power of your soul's gifts. It is time to confront and heal these ancient wounds, to cleanse not only our own spirits but to liberate the chains binding generations past and to empower our collective future and the future generations.


As we stand on the precipice of a new dawn, the golden age beckons with a promise of liberation so profound, so complete, that every facet of our being will be touched by its light. This is the era of our unmaking and our becoming, a time when we break free from the shadows and into the full brilliance of our truth.


Embrace this call, dear warrior of light, for as we heal, so does the world. With each step into our authentic selves, the matrix crumbles, paving the way for a future where freedom is not just a dream, but our living, breathing reality.


Stand tall and speak your truth, for in your voice lies the power to shape the promised time—a golden age where we are free in every conceivable way. Let us trail blaze forward with love and light, together, into this radiant dawn.

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The fear of death itself, simply for being you, for embodying the essence of an artist, a healer, and a creative, for demonstrating the profound ability to transform life itself.


This ancient wound of persecution taps into the deepest recesses of our survival instincts, igniting the fight, flight, or freeze responses.


It coerces you into the shadows, compelling you to bury your gifts under layers of fear and apprehension. The mere hint of judgment or humiliation serves as a trigger, deeply ingrained within the fabric of your root chakra. It distorts your sense of security and belonging, forcing you into silence and invisibility to protect the brilliance and power of your soul's true expression.


This wound begins to heal when you are fully seen and celebrated for who you truly are—embracing your quirks, your creative power, and your unique gifts. Healing flourishes in the light of acceptance, where being different is not just tolerated but cherished, and where the feminine essence is revered and integrated. It's about boldly speaking your truth, showcasing your light, and honoring the distinctive qualities that set you apart. In this space of unconditional acceptance and love, you reclaim your power, step into your full potential, and allow your true self to shine brightly, unapologetically embracing every facet of your being.

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The ancient Predator wound, deeply embedded in your sacral chakra, stems from a primal fear of being harmed for embodying your attractiveness, expressing femininity, sensuality, beauty, talents, and freedom in movement and voice. It is the fear of being violated for merely radiating your innate essence and creative life force.


Simultaneously, this chakra harbors the Sisterhood wound, born from a place of jealousy towards those who dare to express their true selves freely. This wound reflects a division, a fracture within the collective feminine, where instead of celebrating each other's light and being, there exists a shadow of competition and envy.


Healing these wounds requires a journey back to unity and love, embracing the full spectrum of femininity—from the gentle to the fierce. It calls for a reconnection with the divine feminine within, fostering a community where every woman's beauty, sensuality, talent, and voice is not a cause for envy but a reason for celebration, strengthening the bonds of sisterhood and mutual support.


In hinduism, the invocation of Kali Ma and Shakti symbolizes the summoning of dark femininity as a form of protection, acknowledging the power and strength within to guard against external threats.

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The ancient Unworthiness wound, deeply embedded within your solar plexus, is a crippling fear that undermines your inherent confidence and boldness. It seeds doubts about your entitlement to abundance, success, and the spotlight, taunting you with the question, "Why should it be you that gets to shine?" This wound ensnares you in a veil of shame, urging you to conceal the radiant essence of your unique soul, to mute your voice against systemic injustices, and to halt the construction of empires and legacies that resonate with your deepest truths.


Yet, healing this wound is a journey of defiant courage. It beckons you to emerge into the light with audacity, to engage with life's tapestry with a playful and adventurous heart, and to wholeheartedly embrace the vastness of your existence. It invites you to shine unabashedly, to claim your rightful place in the universe with an unapologetic spirit, and to voice your truths against the constructs that seek to confine you.


By courageously confronting this wound, you affirm your invaluable worth, your undeniable right to manifest abundance, and the singular brilliance you contribute to the cosmos. This act of bold defiance not only empowers you to transcend the shadows of doubt but also propels you toward constructing a legacy that illuminates the path for others. In doing so, you not only reclaim your power but also pave the way for a new paradigm—a world where your legacy stands as a testament to transformative leadership, innovation, and a beacon of hope for future generations. This is the essence of overcoming the ancient Unworthiness wound: a profound declaration of your unyielding strength, joy, and the freedom to express the entirety of your being, thereby reshaping the world in the image of your highest, most authentic self.


The ancient Mother and Father wounds, deeply rooted in the heart chakra, embody the profound grief and pain of feeling unloved and unwanted for your true self. This wound whispers fears of disownment and abandonment, should you dare to reveal your authentic essence. Such wounds trace their origins back to the very inception of life, beginning in the womb at the moment of conception, and are characterized by feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and rejection.


Healing these wounds demands a journey of profound self-acceptance and unconditional love. It requires embracing every aspect of your being, recognizing the inherent worthiness within you, and extending that same acceptance and love to others. This path of healing is about reconnecting with the unconditional love of the Divine Source—a presence that never ceases to love and accept you in your entirety.


Moreover, this healing process involves forging a deep, nurturing connection with Soul Mother Earth. She offers healing for the wounds related to our earthly mothers, providing a sense of belonging, stability, and unconditional support. Similarly, connecting with the Soul Father Sun involves drawing upon the strength, guidance, and warmth necessary to heal the wounds associated with our earthly fathers.


By tapping into these powerful sources of unconditional love and support, you start to mend the deep-seated wounds of not feeling loved or wanted. This process not only heals the heart chakra but also liberates you to live and express your true self, unburdened by the fear of abandonment or rejection. Through this healing journey, you learn to navigate the world with an open heart, secure in the knowledge that you are eternally loved and supported by the universe, Mother Earth, and the Divine Source. This profound sense of love and acceptance is what ultimately heals the ancient Mother and Father wounds, allowing you to fully embrace and express your authentic self.

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  • I Express Myself Fully: Embrace and express your true essence without fear, fully unlocking your creative, healing, and visionary potential.

  • I Feel Safe in My Body & Being Who I Am: Establish a deep sense of security and safety within, allowing your gifts to shine brightly without fear of judgment or harm.

  • My Femininity is Radiant: Freely express your femininity, beauty, talents, and uniqueness, attracting positive attention and respect for your radiance.

  • The Dark Feminine Balances The Soft Feminine: Harness the protective and empowering aspects of your femininity, invoking inner strength and resilience.

  • I Have A Strong Sisterhood: Foster genuine connections and support within your community, healing jealousy and competition, and celebrating each other's success

  • I am Bold & Courageous: Step into your power with confidence, deservingness, and the courage to shine, creating and seizing opportunities for growth and success.

  • I Honour My Voice: Speak your truth personally and lead those around you with conviction, impacting your inner circle and community with your visionary ideas and creating legacies that inspire generations.

  • I Love & Accept Myself Deeply: Cultivate deep self-love and acceptance, healing wounds of abandonment and rejection, and connecting with the unconditional love of the Divine and the Earth.

  • I Have Healed My Ancestory: Break cycles of pain and trauma, healing not just for yourself but for your lineage and future generations, fostering a new legacy of love, strength, and wholeness.

  • I am in Alignment with my True Soul Destiny: Live in full alignment with your soul's destiny and purpose, contributing uniquely to the collective awakening and the ushering in of a new era of consciousness and harmony.


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Once a year we open up a global sacred container over a weekend for the collective to heal together

Private 1 to 1

Work deeply on liberating your voice and healing these 4 ancient wounds on a personal level

Pre - Recorded

Access a powerful Throat Chakra Healing 10 hour Course in the comfort of your own home


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Before working with this incredible program, I struggled with voicing my thoughts and standing my ground, often feeling overlooked and unheard. Through the guided journey of rediscovering and using my voice, I've experienced a profound shift in my communication and personal empowerment. I've learned not just to speak, but to connect deeply with my inner truth and express it with clarity and confidence. This has transformed my relationships, my career, and how I show up in the world. I now feel empowered, respected, and fully heard. It's been a truly life-changing experience.


For years, my true creative talents were buried under layers of doubt and neglect. I had almost forgotten the joy of being an artist. This journey has been an awakening for me. With each session, I peeled away the fears and hesitations, rediscovering my passion for art. I've not only rekindled my love for creativity but have also embraced my identity as an artist, fearlessly exploring and expressing my talents. This program didn't just teach me techniques; it helped me find myself again, unlocking a world of color, joy, and boundless creativity I thought was lost forever


Embracing my sensuality and femininity was a journey fraught with societal expectations and personal insecurities. This program offered me a safe, nurturing space to explore and express my true self. Learning to honor my sensuality and femininity has been incredibly liberating. I've found a new level of self-love and acceptance, and my expression of these aspects has become a source of strength and empowerment. It's been transformative, not just in how I view myself, but in how I interact with the world around me. This journey has been about reclaiming my power and radiance, and I'm grateful for every step.

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