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  • Recordings for Finally Feel Free Series 3 & Series 2
  • 6 Masterclasses - 2 LIVE 
  • 1 to 1 Akashic Records Session with Aiswarya 
  • Limited Special Bonus 


2 Live Soul Freedom Masterclasses with Exclusive Hot Seat Coaching + Q&A 
(Valued at £2500) : 
Dive deep into your personal journey with dynamic coaching sessions, receiving personalised insights and solutions to your most urgent questions.


Access to 4 VIP Masterclasses on (£2,500)
Health and Wellbeing Revival: Quickly rejuvenate your body and mind, freeing yourself from old patterns and unlocking your natural vitality.


Deepening Love and Connections: Transform your relationships, fostering deeper intimacy and stronger emotional bonds through effective communication and healing.


3D to 5D Spiritual Ascension: Enter a realm of spiritual discovery, connecting with the divine and accessing higher consciousness for a profound inner shift.


Wealth Warrior Activation: Redefine your relationship with wealth. Uncover and utilize your unique strengths to generate abundance and positively impact your financial life.


Revolutionary 2024 Akashic Records Session (Valued at £500): This is your golden ticket to a future beyond your wildest dreams! This private 30-minute session will catapult you into a realm of infinite possibilities, where you'll craft and connect with your quantum, multidimensional future self. Be the architect of your own destiny. Create a future that resonates with your highest aspirations and deepest desires.


Lifetime Access to the 25-Day Process for Series 2 & 1 (Valued at £500): Return to the transformative content at your leisure, as many times as you wish, fuelling your continuous growth. Discover the hidden gems of our 25-day process and draw inspiration whenever you need a boost.


Special Limited-Time Bonus (Valued at £6000): Act within the next 7 days and bestow upon a friend the gift of transformation, at no additional cost—because the journey is even more impactful when shared!


Valued at £12,000, yours for £99!


Don't let this unparalleled opportunity pass you by because I’m knocking more than 99% off. 


Embrace your powerful soulful evolution and transcend to new heights with the Soul Mastery Experience, available now for just £99.

Golden Circle Access VIP Series (3) 2024

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