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At over 99% discount, just for you!

Members only Golden Circle

Accelerate Health, Wealth, Love and Quantum 5D Activation

Ready to Raise Your Vibration and Anchor Your light?


This is more than just an event; it's a turning point. Equip yourself with the tools, insights, and support you need to break free from the chains of the ordinary and create an overflow of vibrancy, abundance, conscious love, and divine support in 2024.

Golden Bundle £99 
(Valued at £12,000)

Lifetime Access to the 25 Day Retreat:

Premium Access Included

Lifetime Access to Series 3
Lifetime Access to Series 2

All Access Gift Pass to over 80 gifts.

Access to 2 Golden Masterclasses 

Unlock Your Throat Chakra for Supernatural Abundance Masterclass

How to overcome the ancient wound of persecution and get paid to be you 

Healing the Mother and Father Wounds For True Liberation Masterclass

How to heal the primary mother and father wounds that run in the background of every thought and action in your life

1 to 1 Soul Light Activation Session

(Valued at £500)

This 45 minute reading will scan your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to uncover the most significant blockages impeding your divine flow in wealth, health and love.

By identifying these critical areas, Aiswarya will delve into the roots of your constraints—whether they stem from ancestral ties, past life experiences, external interferences, or life events. The goal is to trace and address these origins, identifying the path for enhanced healing and a smoother flow of energy.

Special Limited-Time Bonus (Valued at £6000)

Act within the next 7 days and bestow upon a friend the Golden bundle of transformation, at no additional cost—They get access to everything you do! Because the journey is even more impactful when shared!

Premium Access £49
(Valued at £4000)

Lifetime Access to the 25-Day Retreat for Series 3. May 2024 (Valued at £1000)

Gain immediate and lifetime access to all the interviews. Unlike the free version, which only allows 48 hours to watch each interview, the premium pass lets you take control. You’ll receive a schedule of the entire event, so you can pick and choose what you want to view and even binge the whole series.

Immediate All-access Gift Pass to over 80 gifts (Valued at £2000)

Unlock the gift vault and enjoy the valuable resources from our speakers for both series 2 and series 3 from Week 1. 

Bonus : Lifetime Access for Series 2

(Valued at £1000) 

Enjoy unlimited access to all 33 speakers from the second series of the Finally Feel Free event, as well as the current series.

After receiving your order, we'll send you an email with all the essentials to begin your experience in the Golden Circle and the premium access pass starting from May 25th, 2024.


Should you require assistance with the payment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to support and make things effortless for you.

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